We provide you with rental and sales of used machinery, such as used concrete pump truck, stationary pump, mobile crane, etc., with aftersales service.

Yr2011 SANY 48m Used Concrete Pump Truck-BENZ
Yr2011 SANY 46m Used Concrete Pump Truck-ISUZU
Yr2010 SANY 37m Used Concrete Pump Truck-VOLVO
Used concrete pumps
Yr2017 SANY 23M Used Concrete Pump Truck
Yr2015 SANY 49m Used Concrete Pump Truck-BENZ
Yr2014 ZOOMLION 43m Used Concrete Pump Truck-ISUZU
Yr2014 SANY LP9018 Used Concrete Line Pump-SANY
Stationary pump
Yr2014 SANY HBT8018C-5D Stationary Concrete Pump-2
Yr2014 SANY HBT8018C-5D Stationary Concrete Pump
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