Product Information

Brand: SANY Genuine Parts
Description: The Cutting Ring is an essential part of every hydraulic piping system.  It is useful for the express purpose of ensuring that there is a tight bond between the tube and the coupling.  The Cutting Ring ensures no leaking, clean equipment, and safe working conditions.  The Cutting Ring also allows for an easier assembly of the hydraulic pipe circuits. 

Used in conjunction with fitting bodies and union nuts, Cutting Rings are essential to creating a leak-tight connection.  The vibration-free cutting ring fittings are best used with aggressive media in chemical and petrochemical plants. They are useful for offshore, pharmaceutical-, paper-, plastics-, shipbuilding- and aerospace industries.  Silk Road Equipment is a supplier of SANY Cutting Rings, which are especially helpful for concrete pumps, and fall under the common parts section. 

The Cutting Ring is an important component in any system, as it ensures that there would be no loose ends which may cause inefficiencies and result in the need for repair.  In this way, Cutting Rings are economical and cost-efficient in the long run.  Ensure that your system is tight and snug, preparing it for maximum efficiency and long-lasting activity.

Part Name: Cutting Ring
Part Number: 12064567 / 12083374 / 12084115
Application Models: SANY concrete pump Truck & Line pump &
Stationary Pump
Remarks: Hole I.D.φ200 / φ230 / φ260mm

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