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Brand: SANY Genuine Parts
Description: S valves are a component of concrete pumps. Highly durable and designed to withstand high pressures, they are the most useful for concrete pressure above 85 bars.  This allows for longer service intervals and an increased availability. 

The expanded ability for s valves to endure concrete pressure allows for higher output and productivity.  The material that the s valve is made of causes it to wear out at a slower rate, and have low diesel and hydraulic oil consumption, allowing for lower maintenance and replacement costs.  Although more popular in smaller construction sites, larger sites also use the s valve as it is able to withstand high rise and long distances, with great amounts of power too.  With the s valve’s great ability to produce higher outputs at relatively lower costs, it is no wonder that they are the go-to option for most infrastructure and construction companies. 

There are many specific benefits of using the s valve technology concrete pump.  Firstly, it is the most economical solution.  Secondly, the s valve contains the s transfer tube which is recognized as the most effective in vertical and horizontal delivery. Thirdly, as the s valve is specially created for its endurance, there would be no need to worry about replacement costs for at least a few projects.  Fourthly, with the simple upgrade of a hard-face welding on the inner wall, the endurance of the s valve can be further enhanced still.  Lastly, the pump also contains technology that keeps the concrete mix at a uniform consistency and increases the efficiency of concrete flow.

Part Name: S Valve
Part Number: A810301032047 / 11154975 / A810301032055
Application Models: SANY concrete pump Truck & Line pump &
Stationary Pump
Remarks: 60C1816D / 90CH2150D / C12037Ⅱ / SY5375

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