Product Information

Brand: SANY Genuine Parts
Description: Concrete Pump Pipe steel is of special quality, which is quenched and carried out carburizing chemical treatment on the inner wall.

The concrete pump pipe is made of a special alloy steel.  The inner pipe wall is case hardened by CNC high-frequency induction hardening machine, which makes it a wearable layer with high hardness.  The hardness of the flanged bushings can reach 58-60 degrees and the serving life of a pipeline can increase by 3-5 times.  This allows users to save replacement time as well as maintenance cost, thus elevating the efficiency in production.

Durability is an important trait. One will have to replace the parts due to wear and tear, which the cost incurred will not only be for the parts themselves but also the opportunity cost in the time it takes to replace the pipe. A more durable concrete pump pipe, on the other hand, allows for a longer period of use and therefore a greater cost efficiency in the long-run. 

Silk Road provides concrete pump pipes come in two types, the straight pipe as well as the elbow pipe.

Part Name: SANY Straight Pipe
Part Number: 13000959
Application Models: SANY concrete pump Truck
Remarks: Stage 6th 125A × 0.515m (High Quality)

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