Product Information

Brand: Yr2017 SANY 23m Used Concrete Pump Truck
Description: The concrete pump truck is useful and advantageous for several applications.  Firstly, concrete pump trucks can reach over houses into backyards.  Secondly, it can pump concrete up to 4 floors or more.  Thirdly, concrete pump trucks are precise in the placement of concrete. Fourthly, the process is fast and lastly it saves on labor cost as less man power is needed to mix and place the concrete. Imagine construction works without the concrete pump truck—your workers would need to wheelbarrow the concrete back and forth for long distances.

Silk Road Equipment supplies used concrete pump trucks.  The second-hand concrete pump trucks are fully functional and are a great investment that saves time and costs in the long run.

Boom: Vertical Reach 23.1m
Horizontal Reach 19.6m
Reach depth 10.3m
Unfolding minimal high 5.5m
Outrigger: Front fully open 4825mm
Rear fully open 3400mm
Chassis: Brand / Engine 132kw/1800rpm
Emission stage China IV
Dimensions: L9135mm*W2630mm*H3410mm
Dead weight 15600 kg
Remarks: Delivery Output 60m³/h 
Delivery Pressure 6.4Mpa 

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