4 units SANY 32-meter placing booms was delivered to Korea Subcontractor Highrise

November 19, 2014

On the morning of November 19, 2014, the first of the four 32-meter placing booms produced by Sany Heavy Industry was delivered to Highrise, a subcontractor of Korean Hyundai Engineering to participate in the construction of the Marina One high-rise residential complex in Singapore CBD area. This is also the first time this Korea Construction Company in Singapore Branch purchase and use Sany pumping equipment.

The construction project has been completed on December 2015. In this project, 4 placing booms were operated well, with zero failure rate. After finished the project in Singapore, 4 placing booms were disassembled by the customer and transferred to Malaysia to continue their new construction projects.

The superior performance of the Sany pumping equipment is fully demonstrated again.

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