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Troubleshooting and Maintenance


Abnormal sound of Boom and Turntable – Caused by Insufficient lubricatient or Abrasion between end faces

  • Check lubrication at the connection of axis pin and bearing. If there is slight abrasion, coat lubricating oil; if there is serious abrasion, replace the axis pin or bearing

Abnormal sound during extension/ retraction of front outriggers – Caused by abrasion of bimetallic bearing shell, big sliding resistance

  • Replace the bearing or add lubricating grease

Improper extension of front outriggers (the outriggers are driven by chain) – Caused by incorrect position of drive chain joint in the chain drive system,Powerless drive motor

  • Re-install the drive chain, replace drive motor

Short service life of piston – Casued by insufficient lubrication, The concrete piston is worn out at one side, Polluted water in the washing room as a result of not replacing the water in time,Corroded concrete seal body resulting in pyrohydrolysis of piston

  • Check, clean and unblock the lubricating pipeline and holes.
  • Adjust the axiality of oil cylinder and delivery cylinder.
  • Checking the washing room frequently and fill clean water timely.
  • Replace it with a new concrete seal body.

Quick abrasion of cutting ring – Casued by quality problem, serious abrasion of the spectacle wear plate

  • Replace it with a new cutting ring and spectacle wear plate


The main system without pressure or with the pressure not up to the setting 31.5MPa – Caused by valve core of insertion valve of main overflow valve jammed at upper location, Abrasion of valve core of main overflow valve or abrasion of valve core of DT1 electromagnetic change valve, Loose plug of proportional valve of main oil pump or abrasion of constant pressure valve core.

  • Clean or replace the insertion valve of main overflow valve,
  • Replace the insertion valve of main overflow valve and DT1 electromagnetic change valve.
  • Screw down the plug or replace the constant pressure valve.

No reversing of the pumping system (with normal pressure of main system) may caused by the control electromagnets DT2~DT5 not electrified or get blocked, the main four-way valve or swing cylinder four-way valve blocked or damaged, and seizure of small oil controlled valve

  • Check circuit or replace DT2~DT5 control electromagnets
  • Clean or replace the main fourway valve or swing cylinder fourway valve.
  • Clean the small oil controlled valve


The lubricating grease distribution valve doesn’t act and each part is subject to poor lubrication – Casued by pipeline malfunction, blockage of lubricating grease distribution valve, malfunction of hydraulic synchronizing lubrication pump.

  • Check the pressure gauge of lubricating grease pump. If the pressure is abnormal (over 10 MPa), pipeline malfunction.
  • Clean the pipeline for troubleshooting.Clean and unblock the lubricating grease distribution valve.
  • Check the pressure gauge of lubricating grease pump. If the hand fails to move, remove the lubricating grease pump plunger and clean it with kerosene.


The display screen with abnormal speed – Caused by poor contact of signal wire, low base resistance, dynatron works abnormally, poor contact of ground wire, malfunction of speed sensor.

  • Re-lay wires, check and treat it in line with the drawings, replace the dynatron and sensor.

The display screen not indicating the relevant information – Improper connection of display screen and SYMC, damage of display screen, poor contact of power line.

  • Re-connect the plug and screw down the screw, replace display screen, re-connect the power line of display

The display screen indicating “Emergency stop” – The emergency stopping button pressed, poor contact of intermediate relay KA18, and the normally closed contact not really disconnected, malfunction of remote controller.

  • Check and release the emergency stopping button, check the relay and its wiring, check the power of remote controller and replace the remote controller.

The display screen indicating idle speed but no response after acting – The transfer case is not at the position of oil pump actually, malfunction of proximity switch of transfer case

  • Switch the transfer case to oil pump position, adjust the installation position of proximity switch or replace the proximity switch

The display screen indicating “Incorrect rotation angle – Malfunction of proximity switch of turntable encoder

  • Adjust the installation position of proximity switch or replace the proximity switch.

In order to guarantee normal operation of the machine and avoid malfunctions affecting construction, all inspection and maintenance work should be earnestly carried out. Only in this way, can the failure rate of product be decreased, the service life of the machine be prolonged, and the repair cost be reduced, thus greater profits be achieved.

Maintenance at:
Routine Maintenance & Mandatory Overhaul, General Tightening Torques, Lubrication, Visual Checks, Pumping System, Slewing Mechanism, Transfer Case and Drive Shaft, Hydraulic System, Accumulator, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Hoses and Electrical System

Technical Support

Video for SANY Concrete Pump

If you need further technical clarification of the SANY Concrete Pump, the following video show that how to use and function it. 

SANY Pump Truck-High Pressure Buffering Zone

SANY Pump Truck-Retracting Both Piston Automatically

SANY Placing Boom-floor type

SANY Pump Truck-Anti swing Control

SANY Pump Truck-One button Fixed Boom Position

SANY Batching Plant & Placing Boom

SANY Placing Boom-floor type

SANY Fire Truck


SANY Mobile Type Placing Boom

SANY HBT120 Stationary Pump with 32m placing boom in Singapore condo project site

SANY HBT80C Stationary Pump In Singapore MRT Project
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